What We Are

The Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project (CUAMP) is an ongoing collaboration between individuals, organizations, businesses and institutions that has sought to collaboratively map and inventory urban agriculture and community gardens in Chicago since 2010. It includes everything from small residential gardens to commercial urban farms. With an interactive map and directory that link to detailed profiles for each growing site, CUAMP aims to provide the public with a comprehensive and constantly evolving look at the state of urban agriculture in Chicagoland. The administration team currently consists of NeighborSpace, Advocates for Urban Agriculture, and DePaul University's Irwin W. Steans Center.

How We Help

CUAMP is not a research project, but rather a collection of information on urban agriculture for the sole purpose of immediately making it available to the public as a resource. The design of CUAMP takes into consideration that different individuals, organizations and institutions have different goals in conducting the inventory/map and will use the information for different purposes. Practitioners, researchers, non-profits, individuals and government agencies will each use sections of the inventory that are most relevant to their educational, research, policy, and informational purposes.

How You Help

Efforts to conduct the inventory are being led by supporters of urban agriculture throughout Chicago. No single individual or organization has ownership of the information and participation is voluntary. CUAMP is a collaborative endeavor that welcomes participation by anyone with an interest in promoting urban agriculture in Chicago. Essentially, CUAMP consists of the submissions made by contributors to the urban agriculture inventory. Contributors are therefore defined as individuals or organizations that submit information into the inventory.



445 N Sacramento Blvd, Suite 204
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (773) 826-3240
Fax: (773) 442-0299

DePaul University — Steans Center

2233 N. Kenmore Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (773) 325-7457
Fax: (773) 325-7459

Chicago State University - Neighborhood Assistance Center

Daniel Block, Director
Phone: (773) 995-2310

Handling Privacy

It is CUAMP’s goal that as much of the urban agriculture inventory as possible will be publicly accessible. However, CUAMP recognizes that some of the data collected could need to remain anonymous. Therefore growing sites have the option to specify that certain fields, such as location and contact information, not be made publicly accessible. Administrators will not take any actions that could lead to this information being made public in any venue.