Compost registration

What you need to know

Before you can register your garden for composting, the garden must appear in the CUAMP database. Complete this form to register a new garden. If you already registered your garden, then search for your garden by name, and retrieve its unique ID: you need this ID to complete the composting form.

New municipal code in Chicago

If you wish to engage in composting at a community garden at a volume above 5 cubic yards and/or will be incorporating food scraps and/or landscape waste from offsite, then you are legally obligated to register your garden. Section 7-28-715(3)(iii) lays out the requirements of Tier I or Tier II Garden Composting Operations. In addition, Section 7-28-715(3)(iii) and the Rules for Garden Composting Operations require garden composting operators to register on-line by April 1st of every year. The operator must keep the information current by updating the registration within 14 days of any change.

Answering the questions on the compost form will fulfill your registration obligation. If you have any questions regarding your registration, please send an email to

For a third party explanation of what the compost ordinance means for community gardeners and urban farmers see AUA's Compost Ordinance Overview.

The City makes the content of this form available in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. By completing it, you waive any rights or claims related to the public release of this disclosure and authorize the City to verify its contents.